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At the very first concert in 2012, it is fair to say that the set up was fairly rudimentary!  One of the villagers was sat, hidden in the choir stall, with an extension lead and a couple of desk lamps.  Each time a singer walked on stage he plugged them in and when they walked off, he unplugged them!

Fast forward a few years and the church is transformed into a theatre for the weekend.  A stage has been custom-built by villagers for the church, a 20’ high backdrop the width of the church is erected onto which the scenes are rear-projected.  Theatre lights are hung from the rafters and follow spot is added to the lighting stage at the rear of the church.  Televisions are put on each side of the church giving the audience prompts as to what is going on in the opera.  There are usually three villagers sat at the technical desk controlling lighting plot prompts and projection.  It really is a very different experience from 2012.


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