Social Distancing Etiquette


Although the legal requirements for social distancing have dropped away after 19th July, we believe that the majority of our audience and performers would appreciate some continuation of the protective steps to which we have grown accustomed. Accordingly, we would ask all guests to observe the following etiquette. Please share these rules with all members of your party.

If you feel unwell

Please do not attend the performances if you feel unwell or show symptoms associated with Covid 19. Equally, do not attend if you have been in contact wiht someone in the previous ten days who has tested positive.


Please wear a mask inside the church and when gathering to enter the church, unless medically exempt.

When inside

Please avoid social mixing in the church and when moving in and out of the church until you are well away from the porch entrance. Please go directly to your allocated pew.  Please face forward in the pews when seated and do not turn round to talk to those in the pew behind.

If at all possible, please keep one metre away from the party in front and behind you when you prepare to enter the church. There will be plenty of time to find your pew before the performance starts, so please take your time and give others plenty of space.

Please face forward in the pews when seated and do not turn round to talk to those in the pew behind.


For 2021 only, we will be allocating seats. We have endeavoured to create a seating plan in which no-one is required to sit directly next to someone not in their party. We have assumed that you are content to sit next to the people in your party. Please let us know well in advance if this is not the case or if there is someone not in your party (i.e. who did not reserve their tickets at the same time as you) with whom you wish to sit, and we will try to rearrange as best we can. If you are in a pew which is allocated to three people with a gap, please respect the space – not least because that is where our angels will be sitting!


Please remain in your seat until invited to leave, row by row, at the interval and at the end of the evening. Again, please can you leave directly when asked and avoid social mixing until well clear of the porch entrance.


We will keep open such windows as we can in the church to maximise the ventilation.


Sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to the church.


All guests attend at their own risk. Due to the relatively limited resources available to Opera in Oborne, we are not able to provide further protection to those who remain extremely vulnerable to the effects of Covid 19 infection, for example because of compromised immune systems. If you feel that the arrangements set out above do not reduce the risks to you sufficiently for you to attend, we can only apologise and hope that we can see you again in the future when the chances of infection are further reduced.

Please Share

Please ensure that this is shared with the other members of your party and thank you in advance for working with us to make the etiquette works and to protect everyone involved.

Thank you

Thank you for your understanding, The team at Opera in Oborne


Planning your Visit (some aspects do not apply for 2021)


St Cuthbert’s Church, Oborne, Dorset DT9 4LA.  Please click here to see a map and to contact us.


Parking will be available in a field opposite St Cuthbert’s. Guests should note that the field is a working field and those who would prefer more formal parking arrangements may wish to use the parking at the Grange Hotel, which is about 200 yards walk from the church.

Dress Code

There is no dress code but most people choose smart casual.


A complimentary glass of wine or soft drink, generously donated by the Grange Hotel in Oborne, will be available 30 minutes before curtain up.


There is no numbered seating for the performances and seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If guests have a special need to sit in a particular part of the church, please contact us and we will endeavour to organise places accordingly.  Guests should note that the pews in St Cuthbert’s are fine Arts and Crafts woodwork but were made for the sturdier constitutions of Victorian church goers. Guests who would welcome a little more comfort may wish to bring a cushion.

Disabled Access

St Cuthbert’s church provides disabled access via portable wheelchair ramps. If guests would like the ramps to be available, please contact us in advance of the performance. Disabled toilet facilities are available in the village hall about 50 yards from the church.


A portaloo will be available or else the village hall will be available about 50 yards from the church.


Opera in Oborne works closely with The Grange Hotel who support the event by providing catering.  The hotel is around 200 yards from the church.  Please visit their website for more information.

Have a question?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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St Cuthbert's Church